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    Wordpress Hosting

Fully managed, 1-click install. Up and running in minutes. Includes domain hosting, automatic backups, premium plugins and themes.

Managed Service

We manage your hosting and software so that you can focus on your website. Fast, reliable, and secure. Guaranteed.

One-Click Customization

Quickly change the entire look and feel of your website with some of the best WP themes and plugins available.

Automagic Backups

Schedule backups to the cloud using Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS, SFTP and more. Simple, one-click snapshot restores.

Integrated SEO

Search engine optimized content for better rankings in Google, Bing, etc. Automatic sitemaps and nifty tools included.

Security Audit Log

Comprehensive security monitoring and audit log of user activity and productivity. Especially useful if you have multiple administrators.

Business or Personal

Gravial is the perfect solution for businesses needing a web presence, portfolio sites, and personal blogs. Go baby, go!

Cloud Managed Wordpress Hosting

The Best Fully Managed Hosting Platform

State of the art hardware, fully managed software.

Your website is hosted on powerful hardware, which includes industry-leading all-SSD enterprise class disk drives and Xeon® processors, ensuring that performance is never an issue. Since 2004, we have managed thousands of websites and Wordpress installations. We own the knowledge you can count on, and the experience you can trust.

Amazing Features

One-click activation of themes, plugins, and more.

Setup your website fast! Customize your website easily. With Gravial, you won't need to purchase an expensive server or hosting account, and you won't need to worry about installing or maintaining software and databases; and, when things break, you don't have to fix them. We curate your themes and plugins, you customize them from your admin panel. You can focus on building the look and feel of your site, and creating awesome content to showoff your business, portfolio, or your thoughts with the world about anything you want.

Wordpress Cloud Features

Absolutely no risk. Zero! Zip! Zilch! Nada!

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